Can we please change the AFK queue restriction system it's making me wanna quit. Please do something

I just got into the game and all of the sudden my ping sky rocketed to 400ms. It's a usual thing happens now and then whenever I play the game. It's not my internet's fault, It happens only with league and no other game. So I exit the game and reconnect and that almost always fixes the problem. This time, when I exited the game and tried to reconnect it. The reconnect screen that usual comes up when players exits the game didn't appear and so I was stuck on the home screen and kept waiting for the reconnect screen to appear and It came when my teammates surrendered by remake and that got a leaver buster and a queue restriction. And now that queue restriction is so long (20 minutes) that I just don't even wanna play the game. Can you please just change the 20 minutes queue restriction to a different kind of punishment. Please just change it to the punishment we get for dodging the game but instead of 20 minutes just make it 2 hours. Like at least do it for people who AFK and the start of the game because it's obvious almost all the time it results in a remake now. Why am I getting such harsh punishments for AFKing at the start of the game when that is resulting in a %%%%ing REMAKE?????????????????
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