How /remake just screwed me up

Ok i was logging in for my first game of the night with a friend. Evrything was fine, loading screen. Took a bit too much... He contacted me from the league app telling me the game was started already by 2 minutes. I was still hogging on the loading screen. I killed the client, restarted, loaded. Went in the game and the game prompted me for /remake votation. I voted no, and he voted no. 5 playes 2 votes against. Result: game remake, defeat screen. Lost 17 lp, and have been put in the ban queue (5 minutes wait) without having done anything wrong. the messages states "abandoning a match bla bla bla the following players recently left too many matches: Kal3idos. Well i never left a match in like 2 months, never got reported for leaving either. **Why the hell i have to be punished when i was IN THE GAME and i voted NO?** Kal3idos
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