Is anyone else experiencing this strange yasuo bug? Lower chance in TFT

I think the chance of Getting yasuo is lower than normal lv 2 cost. My proof: I've been playing alot of tft trying to make an iper carry Yasuo, I noticed that in 7 games of trying I only got Yasuo lv 3 Once. I usually reserve all my gold to start rolling for Yasuo at lv 4-6(35% chance of getting lv 2) and I use mnost of my gold for that,I know its stupid but I just want to hyper carry my Yasuo for a good time,but I just dont find him,usually I only get 6 yasuo from lv 4 to lv 7 this way,its truly bugged for me and its not like someone else is getting him,no one use him,thats the entire reason I'm trying to make him as an iper carry. Other lv 2 can be easly 3 starred by me and other player,even whitout trying so hard to search for him,its just Yasuo that cant be found. I also have video proof if you want,but its a pain to edit it,it'll be good if you just trust me.

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