Client lag (Nevertheless the internet quality is 100 % good) [with Solution]

Extreme Client lag
I have a realy good Pc and still my LoL Client is VERY VERY laggy. I tried a lot. Low Spec Mode, Hextech Repair Tool, New Installation.... And NOTHING changes. I hope someone can help me with that problem ^^ . (My Specs are: Nvidia GeForce1080, 16gb Ram, AMD FX 8320, MSI 970 Gaming.
_***Observation (Problematic) : **_ - The user finds an unexplained client lag during starting the client, loading the profile, the Play button is off, summoner's name and level are unrevealed, friends list shows all contacts are falsely offline. - Also, the user may experience some lag during champion select and/or during rune page selection. - The lag never appears when the game start. - these issues occur even for users with high-end PCs and good internet quality. _***Causes :**_ - By observing the four processes that the client use to run itself with "Task Manager" (Windows) we can see that these processes are randomly handled to the CPU cores which gives us a first intuition of what the problem might be: **Asynchronous threading of four tasks**. _***Solution:**_ -By forcing an affinity to use the specific cores mentioned, I have managed to fully get rid of the lag by forcing the affinity using the below steps: 1- Right click on LoL's shortcut in the desktop 2- click on Properties 3- Inside the textbox of "Target" , copy/paste the command: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start "" /affinity A "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe" 4- Apply the changes and Admin confirm. (you can change the Affinity to activate any core you want using the hexadecimal presentation)
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