Key bindings since the last patch

The last patch seems to have messed up my key bindings and now I'm wondering if this is some kind of a bug and I should just live with it until its fixed or I'm gonna have to re-do them? I wouldn't even bother posting about this, but I've had my bindings set since season5, when it was possible to do it manually in the configuration files and I have my left mouse button set to attack move click, which means in order to use left click UI functions like clicking on the minimap, without issuing a move command along with it, I had to set the ui left click actions as ctrl+left click. Why I'm wondering if this is a bug or not is since it doesn't seem to have fully reset my settings but only disabled the UI functions where I had it set to use multiple keys for those UI actions (modifier key+left click). Since, the game was changed so the configuration file is stored remotely on the league server and you can no longer manually change your key bindings and since you can't actually re-bind the left mouse button in UI, the settings I had, would be impossible to restore (unless I switched my left and right mouse button in mouse driver settings) and I'm just too used to it to learn to use something else. And yeah, I am fully aware that I am complaining over a feature, only achievable by modifying the game files, no longer working, but I mean lots of people use this setting and really, Mouse button 1 should be re-bindable in the UI in the first place !11

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