Game Crash After Windows Crash Sound.

Okay, that's enough. I was in a URF game. Game started normally. I went to top lane and then? Windows crash sound without a pop-up that tells me the what kind of error I got this time. But no. No pop-up or something like that. The only thing I got is that classic Windows crash sound and nothing else. Game freezes, when I try to ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL, game turns into black screen with the LoL cursor. Not the Windows cursor. Game's cursor still visible on the screen. And I can't do aything else than rebooting my PC or Signing Out from CTRL+ALT+DEL menu. I don't even know how many times I got that error kinda thing. That makes me a leaver. The only thing I know is that. Game calls me "Leaver". Even if I immediately get back to game. And that's not because of me. I don't know how many times I got reported or how many times I got flamed because of this thing. And the worst thing is people doesn't understand that I'm not leaving the game with my will. I tried every fix way like that "Initiate Full Repair". But I'm not sure if it is working. I've tried to format my PC. Deleting or uninstalling unneeded stuff etc. etc... I've tried to turn down my graphics to potato format, turning down the resolution to minimum level. Because I thought my pc is not powerful enough to run the game. But no. This started to happening after that alcoves and Drake souls patch. I have no background programs opened while playing the game. I have no viruses in my PC. It's like a new bought PC. And yes, I also have another friend who gets the same issue as mine. Same things happening to him as well. My PC specs are Intel i3, 4 Gigs RAM, Intel HD GPU. Yeah I know, not very powerful specs but my friend has a RTX 2080 and Intel i9 with 32 Gigs RAM. So that's not about the PC specs. Because I'm playing the game since more than 1 year and I had no issues until that patch I told you. I hope this issue will be fixed as soon as possible. Or somebody can help me to get through this. If I got banned, it will not because of me Riot. Please do something.
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