Not again...

10 days back, when the game was filled with bugs I also experienced the "can't connect to the game" bug. Just as the champ select is over, I'm left with the client with the "Game is underway" message and no loading screen. This happened 5 consecutive times and led to me taking a 5-game low priority queue due to "leaving" the game 5 times. I took a week long break since I was away and now for the past 2 days I've been playing normally without bugs, played the low priority queue games and it all seemed like it was back to normal. Guess what, it happened again xD I played like 6-7 games yesterday, played one today which ended like 10 mins ago and I immediately queued up for the next one which had the bug occur again and lost like 17-18 LP, just like I had lost like 80 last week when this happened 5 times. So right now I'm just scared about playing another game just because Riot is unable to deal with this while I'm on my free days and finally have time to play the game I've been playing and enjoying for like 5 years. I'm just making a plea towards Riot or anyone that could help with this issue since it's badly affecting me and the community as a whole, as I saw numerous bug reports about this both last week and today

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