Hacked and wrongly perma-banned for allegedly using 3rd party apps

My account "presneto" was on 3.11.2019 hacked and played on two ranked games which resulted in a perma-ban. I wasn't playing that evening and I sent my ticket to Riot support including my public IP so they could see the activity. This is my first and only account on EUW which I had from the start of playing the game in the end 5th season. Never in this time was I ever banned and always had a high honor level. I played mainly toplane champions, mostly Gangplank. The two games, that were played (resulting the ban) were played by Rengar in the jungle. I DO NOT EVEN OWN RENGAR. I have 0 play on this champion, and 0 play in ranked in the jungle for that matter. I just got to gold to get the seasonal rewards through playing GP. Proof of the last two rengar games and my overall stats on OPGG: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=presneto Can please an actual HUMAN take a look at this? I've given 700+ hours on this account and it's my main account from the start of playing this game. The ticket system is not doing any justice to checkup. If someone does respond and give me any help, I'll be happy to give any information needed to further proove my innocence. Screenshots of my OPGG: https://imgur.com/sNr5brg https://imgur.com/jCk2Tbs https://imgur.com/pJzUFaw https://imgur.com/7dvuwPw https://imgur.com/0jwCL7G https://imgur.com/F52gz5O

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