Seems legit. (Login problems)

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
So, I am unable to login, and it says 'We are unable to log you in because you may be offline.' That actually makes a lot of sense (*{{champion:48}} Sarcasm intesifies*), because: 1. To login I have to be offline, otherwise, it wouldn't be called 'Log in' 2. To not be offline I have to log in. My internet is fine, sitting on those juicy 4 out of 5 tabs, and I have been playing league til 15 minutes ago, and I am currently using that same internet to write this post, use facebook, and watch a stream, so before you start saying to check my internet, read again if needed. Also - I tried reseting my client 4 times, none of them were successful, and I switched between 3 Internet connections that I have, 2 times to each, and that didn't do it aswell. **NOTE:** I know this has been posted and asked a lot of times, because I often check the boards and scroll through them, but I never really checked much (or any) of these kind of posts with this same problem, because I was confident of that not happening to me. So, afterall, for the end, I wanna apologize to everyone who see this kind of post for the *-insert a random enormus number here-* time. Thanks to anyone who can and is willing to help, Sincerely, {{champion:245}} Ekko.
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