Get stuck in loading screen for a 1000 years, then disconnect from loading screen

This has happened exactly the same way for the last 2 games since last patch, I know the next game will be the same story. The last game i attempted I was in a premade with someone from my friends list, everything is going ok, then the loading screen takes forever to load for some reason and I disconnect. I apologise to my premade and check the time of the game on my premade and it says 12:30 (!!!!!!), it's not even worth reconnecting at this point. There isn't even anything wrong with my computer or my internet, it's the stupid client. I always have problems with this game, which sucks because being a Mac player, there aren't really all that many good games I can even play. Can someone fix this, or help me fix it? I'm getting really tired of this kind of shit always happening.

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