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i hope you start do someting to feeders and afkers becose they ruin games like for real in 10 games atleast 4 afk in plat-master tier u realy punish flamers but not afkers or trolls i can say 1 have played so long league of legends so i know flamers dosnt ruin games but feeders and afkers dose ruin game, check my machthistory where my botlane nautilus and tristana went afk after 10min they walked and spammed spells and flashed ect in base i have video about it. why afkers and trolls dosent get punished? is it a bug that afkers and trollers dosnt get punished i recomend atleast 14 days ban to afkers or feeders becose they are realy ruining games (ranked games) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} if you want to prove the incident so they get punished,   so I was notified by email where I can upload this video

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