[7.24] - Global skillshots fly into the opposite direction the champion is facing or self-cast.

**Server: **EUW Type of Bug: Ingame bug related to global skillshots ** Reproduction rate: **100% **Video proof:** see above; First I demonstrate that casting the spell on the minimap and using the HUD of the game works completely fine, at around 20 seconds, I start demonstrating the different cases of the bug. **Description:** When hovering over your champion's portrait next to your ressource UI next to the stats and cast a global ablity (Ezreal R, Gangplank R, Ashe E/R), the ability self-casts, going towards the middle of your champion, which is also the opposite direction in which the champion is currently facing. **Reproduction steps:** Cast a global skillshot (e.g. Ezreal ult) while hovering over your champion's portrait in the ressource HUD. **Expected result:** Global skillshot flies towards the direction of the mouse cursor. **Obeserved result:** Global skillshot flies into the opposite direction of where the champion model is currently facing and NOT towards the mouse cursor, or in the case of Gangplank, self-casts in the middle of him. **Possible reason for the bug:** The ability to cast spells like Nami W or Shen ult on allies or oneself by clicking on their portraits could be a possible cause for this bug. Dunno if I am annoying people yet, but until this bug gets fixed, I'll post this thread every patch. Feel free to ask questions if my post is unclear in any ways.

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