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So since this morning i am experiencing the following issues with the league of legends client: 1.It takes years to log in and some attempts end up in the client telling me an unexpected error has occurred . 2.After finally logging into my account missions don't display and the loot section seems to be broken as shown in the screenshot (I haven't been in game yet so i can't tell if i have problems in game as well.) I play from Greece I have made sure to check that those problems are not caused by my connection (everything works just fine from my end) (The reason i made this post is because i saw other posts of people who play from Bulgaria experiencing similar issues) UPDATE_1: It seems that i am unable to hop into a game as well(...) . I either get stuck when when i try to create a lobby (withe the "play" button being frozen) or when i successfully create a lobby and then i try to find a match, the "find match " button freezes the same way the ( as previously mentioned ) "pay " button does .
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