team steals red level 1

once in every 10-15 games, my team takes my buff at lvl 1 (when i'm jgl) this only happens in low elo and they think it's not a problem... the lost time+gold+exp+slow from the red buff = cant invade enemy jgl or gank lanes lvl 2 without the red buff...' and they think it's not a big deal.. ofcourse i could continue farming from other camps. but it's a fact that 2 lanes ALWAYS int feed, and when i'm a level behind enemy jgl, top and mid, it's not easy to gank your laner, when he knows nothign about how ganks work, how to bait, when to go in, when to not go in. when i'm +1-2 lvls, ofcourse i run over all enemies 1v1... when 99% low elo players are full trash, and if i'm not doing great the game has 80% chance to be lost... so from now on, when this happens (the level 1 red buff steal), i will wait till remake time is over, and log off.... why the fk shd i waiste my time and mental state to wait my team to feed the whole enemy team, and suddenly u know what? flaming begins pretty much in 9/10 games i start muteing ppl since 3 minutes - at 10 minutes usually 2-3 ppl are muted, pings and chat both. This is just sth i wanted to write, i'm not looking for any feedback.
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