That "error on selecting you champ" screw up my rank promotion

It is happened in my last rank promo, when I click the champ confirm button, the 'error on choosing you champ' pop up appear. The problem is, the OK button of the pop-up is not responding, and the times up and the system consider me as dodge. So that I lose my promo. It is so frustrating to see the lose and the 5 min penalty just because of your system problem{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} . Please fix this problem AND compensate my lost (i.e. give me back the progress of rank promotion Here I want to give a suggestion to RITO: please delete this error pop-up on anywhere in the champ selection screen, if you really need it please make it not disturb other button on the screen ESPECIALLY the confirm champ button . just make a little text box next to it ok enough. Thank you

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