The priority of Riot's "Technical Issues"

Excuse me Lady's and Gentleman, can i have 1 minute to talk about our Lord and Savior "LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CLIENT V2" ? I mean.. i was used to believe riot would fix bugs when the community brings them up. With the recent gameplay of Riot August and a "EvelynnNunu" i doubt all that. I came to the conclusion: Riot only fixes stuff that would prevent people from playing the game, spending time and resources into it rather then just.. yeh.. FIX THE GAME actually. I kinda feel like there are a million sticking plasters all over the code but actually no real threatment that would resolve into a cure for the whole state of the thing. RiotAugust with THE clue of the universe: Riot fixing its stuff only if Riot, or its members, just run into it themselfs. Part 1: Part 2: The Game is literraly doing EVERYTHING to piss me off in all the ways possible with having my mates Bug Splatting all over the place and random "Client Magic things when windows overlapping other windows" but this ? I reconsider every "Riot is doing well on this things"-Statement in the future as long as nobody from riot itself has ACTUALLY endured the bug Face-To-Face. Greetings, A Summoner who get frequently ganked by Client 2.0 and Riot itself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} My favorite part of the video: "We did fix it, technically.. but I just guess it is still there."
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