I got wrongly Perma-banned for allegedly using 3rd Party Apps ? Almost 10 year old account mind you.

THE IMAGE ON THE TOP IS TO SHOW THE HACKER IN MY ACCOUNT IN SEPTEMBER when I was out of country and never touched league since JULY 2019 ! I usually play MOSTLY Teemo and Gnar just casual !! Heres the gist, I've been on vacation to India from the 6th to the 22nd of this month, September 2019. I decided to check out and play some casual LOL a few days later, only to find an email sitting in my inbox telling my my account was banned for using 3rd Party Apps ??? Like seriously, this account was made in 2010 or something, it has my invested cash for skins and what not, I'm not stupid enough to add dumb hacks or any background software to enhance game play, heck I've even been on steam since it started way back and I have a perfect standing with them too. My name was changed from DALARUS to N3TNINJAH long ago by me by me THEN RECENTLY to what you see right now ' VICROR ADC' which isn't my doing. Someone got a hold of my account, went into it and probably did some shenanigans, changed my name to VICROR ADC, got banned and probably didn't care because he/she hacked it, so THEY have nothing to lose while I DO. The only other proof of this is my match history showing me played the game in July and then never after it! The latest matches played were on 21st and 22nd of September buy the hacker. Also to note: I've never given my account details to ANYONE or logged into league from any other computer. Anyways I submitted a ticket, I've read around the forums and seen some unfortunate blanket bans go down as well. I'm only asking for someone HUMAN and not bot generated to answer me or connect me to someone. I'm only scared because I've read through the forums that they usually don't reply back and people just lose their investments without a chance to prove or voice their concerns. I have proof to all my claims if any mod or riot team wants to correspond with. I've been a loyal League of Legends player for a number of years and I hope RIOT can help with this. Regards TLDR: I was at vacation with no chance to play league and I came back to find out I was banned for 3rd Party apps. DURING the time period I was away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATES 28th 9 2019 !!! Hey guys ! I'm happy to inform you guys that I'm in the process of being UNBANNED and my account being restored to me. I submitted the ticket and they did an investigation to reveal that in fact someone was IN my account, and my account had been compromised! I'm just doing routine antivirus and malware checks now to clear my system of anything that could affect the client. Thanks for the feedback and stuff guys, I just want to let you know that you really need to explain to them in detail and provide your info as to this ban, in my case someone compromised my account and used scripts or whatever on it from wherever they were playing and thats how I may have gotten banned? Nonetheless, I'm really happy now to get back into the Rift! Cheers from N3TNINJAH and no more VIC !!!
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