[BUG][Crash][Overclock 650ti owners beware][4.11] Lee Sin kicked my graphics card out of existence.

EUW, in game. Playing Kayle I got kicked by Lee Sin with Elder Dragon on 4 people on my screen and all the players under their inhibitor mid tower. My 650ti is OCd by 10% and after Lee kicked me my game crashed and my PC restarted. Restarted my PC and turned off the OC. After I loaded back into League my resolution was at 1024x(??? ~728 ???) and all my graphical settings were different. I changed to 1920x1080 (native) and my FPS dropped to sub-30. After I won I performed a benchmark and found my score at a FAR lower number than normal, despite no *major* background processes active. Just thought someone would like to know.
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