Some missions still aren't progressing when they should (e.g. factions, first tower)

VS missions not working
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I played an ARURF game today with the 4th Garen mission (Win a game with a Demacian champion on your team OR win 2 ARURF games) in my missions tab. I got Lux and Poppy on my team, who are both Demacian champions. We won the game but when I returned to the client, the Demacian mission didn't complete, despite the second path of the mission (Win ARURF games) progressing to one wins out of two. Later on, I finished a game where we got first tower in ARURF, Garen Day 6 mission didn't progress (Be on the team that gets first blood tower on SR). Working as intended? This has gone on for too long now, especially as Riot took down the issue from server status, yet it's still here EDIT: So apparently these missions don't count on ARURF. TY Riot once again for forcing some of us to play your 'signature gamemode' even though we'd prefer not to...
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