Why so many outdated Splash Arts are being ignored & pushed under the carpet and not being updated??

I just want to know why even on champion update like currently Xin Zhao you still don't update outdated Splasharts at least for him in new patch..Why you overlook so many arts that are 4 5 years old why you don't have team exp. for the Splash Arts to every patch update at least 5 outdated and make game more perfect. Currently its the Worlds and the big changes for the 2018 season but pls at least someone from Riot who knows about this topic answer me what is a problem to ignore over 130 outdated splash arts in the game even on champion update you don't look at splash arts and say " Guys this base splashart is really old let someone drew new for it when we are pushing the new kit for this champ at least ". I can bet that Splasharts take a major role in players desicion to buy a certain skin.I am 99 % sure in it because to a perfectionists it matters every single detail.... I posted about Splash art topic alot of times but its amazing how slow and nothing changes forever... JUst to say 1 thing.Games like Smite can in 15 days push updates and new Splasharts tons of it and you guys who earn at least 55 x more then Smite personel can't find more people to fill Splashart team its a joke..I understand that your bosses have strict way of doing things and also everyone can't work in Riot company but pls do something to change to be even better... Ty upfront i hope anyone who cares as much as i do for every single detail in the game will support this post about Artwork in general... https://orig00.deviantart.net/6d8c/f/2010/267/7/0/connor_macleod_sword_poses_by_reymonkey-d2zes52.jpg
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