This game is de-evolutioning pretty quickly and it's at unplayable state right now.

Rune pages that I created keep deleting, I've only got preset rune pages. My summoner spells are set to ghost and heal every time. My settings are set to default. Skins back to classic ones. Runes are not even activating when they should (Electrocute, Manaflow Band and Phase Rush as far as I know don't activate, not sure if there are even more non reacting runes). I've heard of champion bugs as well that occur when playing Annie, Qiyana or Mordekaiser. Those champions in combat with other champions bug their abilities as well (this is what I've been able to figure out through other people posts). I've heard people keep getting disconnected and can't reconnect to the game, therefore they get LeaverBusters and lose promos. There are plenty of unbalanced champions. Bugs lurking everywhere. I believe everything came when Teamfight Tactics was introduced. I think at that point the game went downfall pretty quickly. It wasn't at a great state before either, but the current game state is absolutely horrible and it's just unplayable. The game is under devolution and unfortunately it will just be worse and worse until people quit playing. This is my prediction. I'm playing on the Europe Nordic & East (EUNE) server.
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