HI there!Missions Bugged!

I have been spaming the blind picks to get the missions done and sudenly i have realized that missions are not getting acomplished for some reason.I had 2 games won in a row 1 with Ryze which we have it as a mission to play agaist or with him and or 2 games won under 25 minutes each!I have won the one with Ryze,after i left the lobby at the end of the game it popped up that i get 15 token for that and another 15 for another mission,pretty exited about it i was checking up to see if i get the 30 tokens as it showed me after the 2 games,guess what,i had still 0 :) this is my match history for the last game with ryze https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/ro/#match-details/EUN1/2182985685/2111094287233408?tab=overview and this is the priscreen which shows that even if it showed me that i have acomplished the mission and it showed me that i get rewarded,in the loot section there is not piece of token not even a single one given to me out of the 2 missions that i have acomplished so this is the printscreen with the mission and the loot section: https://imgur.com/JTBzDop and https://imgur.com/Cvf56we! Is there something going on with these missions,why don`t they get triggered as they supposed to? Thanks a lot!

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