Got a LeaverBuster for leaving champselect because it froze

Hello fellow summoners, as you all might know, the EUW LoL server had some issues which caused everybody in the championselection to be stuck inside it and not getting into loading screen. After I was having fun with my teammates who would carry me through my diamond ~~5~~ 4 promos(I’m not sure if I was even in my promos or not, because of that LP bug), someone suggested that we all close and open our client again, so I did. Then I opened league again, but I had to install an update which contained about 150 mb of data. After 5 minutes of waiting, I log into league again and a message pops up and I have received a leaverbuster. That game is probably in my match history, because I wouldn’t receive one if it wouldn’t. I don’t care about my promos/LP, but if it is possible to remove that leaverbuster I would really appreciate it, thank you very much.
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