Massive Client Glitch

Patch 7.12 Client Failure Server : EUNE Client takes about 5 minuets to log in . Every action ( in the client ) i try to make is delayed by like 1 minuet at least . Missions won't appear ( nor new neither completed ones ) when i open the Loot section it tells me it can't load loot item data and asks me to restart my client. Trying to join a queue does seemingly nothing but it seems that i actually join a queue but since i am unable to accept i can never actually start a match and receive queue dodge penalties . The client also won't close properly which doesn't allow me to just close it and reopen it when i want to restart ( i have to open Task Manager and end LeagueClient.exe to close it properly . All of the bugs mentioned above happen every time i try to join a queue , visit the Loot section execute any in-client action or close the client . PP: Restarting the client doesn't fix anything nor did the built in troubleshooting . EDIT: As of today the glitch doesn't seem to exist anymore. I still don't know what fixed or caused it tho. EDIT : OK the glitch is back again. Happens only half of the time though.
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