Make an hotfix for jinx rockets

Since jinx been created ,her q keep cancel the attacks once she move or doing kite , is ridiculous ,this happened since she got created ,and not a damn rioter didn't work on fixing it , her q is trash .... I played 1900 games ranked jinx , want to know this , i am tired of her q bugs , i had the rocket from q like stick of enemy body almost , and i move a bit to reposition ,0 damage , yeah 0 , imagine how stupid you feel to loss your time to do nothing and maybe loss a minion too ... , how i can compete against others adc ,if i like jinx cause of her gameplay and range poke expecialy cause i can to harass enemy when they are in group from distance in front line thanks to hurricane and rapid fire cannon , but her q cancel stuffs just idk could land in lossing sometimes kills , or no having the oportunity to poke enemy on lane and make him loss hp so you can farm easy and keep him away from farm Her q damaging tower is looking like useless , sometimes i damage targets around tower , but they have to be like really close to tower like stick of tower , her q on tower explosion should come with perks , when she use q against towers ... , i sometimes use q with rapid firecannon to damage the tower from distance .. .without to get shot , just think about making jinx more viable to be played in pro league , no one play jinx , i have no hope that in one day i will get any e-sports skin on jinx ... cause no one play her because of bugs , or cause she is too weak in both sides of the game , in early she is weak , in late game she is weak if enemy focus her , so why jinx isn't able to do anythingh if she ain't get somehow feeded The other kind of changes i want to see is not a bug , but her e is doing like very small damage regardin mana consume ... , could you change her e something like this , if someone step in middle of the traps .. ,and activate a trap , why i can't use e again detonate the rest of traps and do like full e damage to enemy?? ,just think about it , would be nice to have actually stuffs like this , or if you place it from mistake to cancel it faster to get it's cdr back when you used it and didn't catch the enemy ... , like 20 seconds is quit much to wait
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