LP in 3v3Flex Bugged or Intentional?

I Mostly play 3v3Flex due to it beeing faster than the normal/ranked 5v5 Solo/Flex and I mostly have limited time to play, that said. I have a huge issue with the LP system, a Win gives me between 6-10 LP and Losses takes 15-20 so I always have to win a minimum of 2 games to not fall back too much everytime I lose a game. Not sure if this is intentional or not but it is increadibly hard to climb like this, I feel it should've been the other way around - so if yo win 1 game and lose 1 you atleast have 2-5 LP left from the previous win that way you climb (if realy realy slow but still,) even with a 50% W/L which seems fair to me? As it is right now I have to have atleast 51%+ winrate to even have a remote chance of getting anywhere as I lose more than I gain. I am currently in Silver II but useually end up in Gold V - Gold II at the end of the season every season so far. Am I glitching or is this intentional for 3v3?
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