[Patch 7.7] Skarner Ultimate Bug (Courage of the Colossus)

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Patch 7.7] Skarner Ultimate Bug (Courage of the Colossus)
EUW In-Game Mastery/Ultimate Bug So I play a lot of Skarner and I've noticed that this bug has been around for a while. It's been annoying but I assume it's because the target escapes during the cast time. When you use impale on a target but they escape during the cast time it often plays the sound for having successfully ulted. It doesn't take the cooldown however. (Side note this was supposedly fixed 3 seasons ago... "VOICE OVER :: Skarner will no longer prematurely celebrate with his catch lines ("NOW I’VE GOT YOU!") unless he has successfully grabbed a target") However since the introduction on Courage of the Colossus now not only does it play the VO it triggers Courage and puts it on cooldown without taking the cooldown from impale. This is really frustrating because either it should be able to grab people if the audio triggers or not trigger if the grab isn't successful and most definitely Courage shouldn't be put on cooldown if the ability itself isn't used. In my most recent example I was playing against a shen who shadow dashed away as I used impale and I heard the VO and Courage was procced. I hope you can patch this quickly.
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