Hey everyone, if you are willing to play ARURF you should consider the following when you get your champion. First of al,l read the patchnotes before you queue up for any game. (this is not a bug but i can see in many games ranked, urf, normal etc. that players do not read the patchnotes and feed and int in games because the champion they play is nerfed or reworked or got a mini-rework) Second there are many champions, skills are bugged in urf which can destroy your game so much. I know URF is for fun but it is not fun to lose because your skills aas etc do not do dmg or not working either. The following bugs are what i have already had in my arurf games: 1. Last patch akali Q did no dmg when you spammed it on nashor champs or elder drake, Only the 40-50 percent of your skills did dmg the rest only had its effect but nothing else. Since it is your main ability it is annoying to see its not doing dmg about half of the time if you spam it. (After the akali nerfs i haven't played it in URF, but i don't think it is working properly now) 2. Akali R, the ult first part doesn't always ministun the enemy and sometimes do not do dmg. 3. Zed Q, does dmg only the 60-70% of the casted times. Same bug as akali, if you spam it don't be supprised if it is not doing any dmg. 4. Zed W, same as above many time's not doing any dmg only the effect is visible. 5. Bard Q, you can guess what can happen here, NO dmg and NO stun if the 2nd part hit. This can happen quiet often. 6. Bard E, sometimes you can't go through the tunnels which is annoying aswell, if you click on it the champ acts like there is no tunnel and starts to run in the normal way. 7. Fiddlesticks E, sometimes do double dmg (without bounce) but sometimes doesn't do dmg. 8. Viktor E, Sometimes the laser just goes through enemies without dmg. 9. Lux Q, goes through the enemy without dmg and snare, and the usual visual bug where the hitbox is much more higher than the actual effect. If Lux misses her Q it still can hit. (there are many videos and screenshots out there you can check this visual/hitbox bug) 10. Lux R, Goes through the champions without dmg. 11. Amumu Q, goes through the champ without any effect (dmg, stun and doesn't pull amumu to the champ). And the hitbox/visual bug is appearing here aswell (in every type of game just like the bug with lux ult and Q) 12. Amumu R, sometimes when you hit your Q and use your ult while flying towards the enemy champion or when you just reached him/her, the ult (R) is casted at the location where you were before you hit your Q. 13. Twisted Fate Q, The visual effect and the hitbox is not always the same sometimes you see it didn't hit you but you still suffer the dmg (usually the sides of the cards) 14. Twisted Fate R, Sometimes it doesn't give vision of enemy champions, even if all of them are alive. (it also happened during Ranked game) 15. Xerath Q, While you are charging it up the animation and the charging bar disappears you you don't see the state of the charging and the direction of it. 16. Varus Q, Same bug as Xerath Q. Animation and charging bar disappears. 17. Vi Q, Same bug as Xerath and Varus Q. Animation disappears and charging bar disappears. 18. Jarvan E+Q bug. If there are 2 flags close to eachother it usually pulls you towards the one which is further from the cast. (in horizontal direction). I am pretty sure that there are other bugs but these bugs happened to me many times and it can totally ruin your game and it is not fun to play when 2 of your 4 abilites are not working (usually the main abilites). I did not write the name of the abilities because, I'm pretty sure most of the players don't know the exact them of every skill so i wrote down the DEFAULT keybind of the abilites instead of the names. If these bugs didn't happen to you, you are lucky and sorry for taking your time for no reason. URF is for fun every1 should enjoy it as much as they can but if you got a champ which main abilities are useless then it is totally not funny at all. Consider that in URF the CDs are low due to the 80% CDR, so sometimes still means a lot of uses of the skill. Thank you for reading my post. Edit: I added some new bugs i discovered, and many of this bugs appear in ranked games aswell, the tf ult bug the charging skill bugs Fiddle E double dmg without bounce Bard tunnel and many others. This game became so buggy like a beta phase game.
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