League of Crashing Client season 9

Really is there any solution for neverending broken and crashing client? Its 9 year of malfunction, im really getting tired of that times when i hardly win game and then i lose it just for client crashes. And the game didnt even give you lost prevented and give you leavebuster as a secondary prize.... Really RIOT should ge this done properly once and for all. There is no other game in the world with constantly bugging and incomplete client causing serious errors. Its impossible to play this game, you cant even play it in practice tool cause client crashes 5 seconds after you reconect. In last game i reconected like 30 times and still got leaver buster and -19 LP. There is not single month without failures and crashes not even one whole smooth month. You got lot of money and your playerbase is one of the biggest on the world still you do such lazy work here for 9 years. I dunno why Steam client dont crash, why Blizzard client dont crash but you hold the record for 9 years without break.

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