Game is still in progress...

Well i told you this is a bug ~1 week ago and we are still here...Stop selling me "This is the problem with your PC bla bla bla" and how to manualy fix this coz i dont want to get in to the game 3 min late coz i need to close League with my Task Manager so i can reopen it again and hope they didnt remake... A lot of ppl are getting this!!! I am playing this game for 5 y and this wasnt a problem before!!! I happens ~50% of the time!!! It never happens to TFT,ARAM games!!! (to me)(but i happend once in 3v3 ranked but that was 1/20 games there) If this was a technical issue it would hit 100% of the time,all the games not just some specific ones and it would hit some players that chenged something on there PC in the past days and not a bigger % of players that didnt do anything with there set up in years STOP IGNORING THIS
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