Rune pages disappeared

I logged out of the client and later at the same day I logged in and went into an ARAM. In the champion select I realised all my runes had disappeared and only the presets were displayed (while I always "hide preset pages" option selected). All the 25 pages I had created are gone from the Runes tab and I can't see them no matter how many log out/ log ins or repairs I did. Just wondering if anybody else had the same issue lately and if so, is there a fix because remaking 25 pages sounds boring and I don't even remember exactly how they were set up. **Update:** I remade all the pages while I waited for my support ticket. The response was that they don't keep the runes on their server and there was no solution for me. Then I asked for the local file which contains them so I can save a copy but got no response. If anyone has more info please feel free to share it. Thanks
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