8.6 Major "lag" bug and minor settings bug.

I've encountered 2 bugs in this Patch cycle which make the game barely playable: The major bug is a lag issue, but not really due to connection timeouts: I see everything that is going on, having about 30 ms constantly can read the chat, see every minion and champion movement correctly, even my own. It's just like my commands won't be transfered to the servers for (from 1 up to 30 seconds). I keep moving into enemies and can't do anything, looking like I'm inting. The same thing goes with the chat, i recieve everything others write, but messages i send need up to those 1-30 seconds to be seen. There is no attempting to reconnect and everything instantly returns to normal when I'm back in control again. The second bug happens constantly every single game i play. When I'm loaded onto the rift, my settings are like reset to default (Team frames are over the map instead of left sided, map movement is activated) until i press ESC once. It then loads my settings, but this gets reset every game i start. Strangely settings like Hud sizes or bindings/smartcast are not affected.
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