Game still in progress AGAIN.

So i already might have posted this before but i'm just gonna do it again because who the hell cares. Last time I said I lost 4 games because of this but here's an update. It's up to 9 AND its ranked games. Now I know i should NOT be playing ranked while this happens but it doesn't bother my team because the match is already remade. Other than that, I do not wish to go blind/draft because tons of trolls there and ranked seems the only game away from trolls and where people at least TRY to put an effort. They haven't fixed this bug and a LOT of people keep getting it. Contacting support says its from my end. I feel like riot is getting something out of people losing games/leaverbusters/losing lps. Anyways i know a tons of people that have left this game and I think my time is coming near as well. Riot just doesn't give a shit about players anymore, do they?
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