azir sandsoldiers (1-2) stay infinit when attacking

as the titels already says atleast 1 soldier sometimes 2 stay infinit duration as long as they keep attacking. this can be tested in practice tool vs dummies or baron. i just accidently found this bug when i placed a dummie near fountain and was testing out new rageblade and while i was shopping i still keept hearing the attack sounds of one soldier i tested it with more (when casting the 4th with out CD refresh!!) 1 died but 2 still keept alive way longer than 10sec. i fastforwarded to baron and 2 of the 3 soldiers survived for 32 econds (i died than but soldiers were still alive without recasting) after testing abit to recreate the bug you just need 1.90AS and keep soldier attacking he will lose the symbole over the head but still do dmg.
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