TFT - Patch 9.20 - 100% Dodge chance doesn't make every auto-attack miss

Server: EUW Match Details: There's no match history for tft yet Type of Bug: in-game Details: When you get the 6 yordle bonus (60% chance to dodge auto-attacks), and you have 2 items giving 20% chance to dodge auto-attacks, it should results in a 100% dodge units. Actually it doesn't, the unit takes some damage from auto-attacks, I tried in 2 different games and the result was the same. Maybe dodge are multiplicative and not additive, maybe there's a cap (90% = to 9 yordle bonus, i had more the feeling i had 70~80% dodge chance in game). If there's a cap or it's multiplicative, I think it should be written, especially in a game where knowledge is 80% of the gameplay. How to recreate it: Get 6 Yordles, put 2 items giving 20% dodge chance Expected result: The unit should dodge every auto-attacks unless there's 4 wild Observed result: The units receive some damage from auto-attacks Reproduction rate: should be 10/10, but the unit having 100% dodge was not a yordle originally in my games, maybe the bug comes from the items tranforming a unit into a yordle
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