Qiyana grass trail deleting Zoe bubble?

zoe bug
Uploaded by VirusWar on 2019-11-08.
Was playing URF with my friend today, and we were against a Qiyana. Long story short, Zoe threw her bubble in Qiyana at the exact same moment Qiyana threw her grass trail. It ended up deleting Zoe's bubble. Is it possible that Riot made a unit (minion) that is used to draw the trail and then forgot to make it untargetable? I know Riot did this a lot in the early days, but I'm not sure if they still do it, even tho I know they like spaghetti. Didn't try to see how easy this is reproducible and if other skillshots can be this easily deleted, if anyone has the will to do this, feel free and post your research here. This seems like it could be a legit bug. (#yasuoWindwall)
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