A casual player's message to the complaints

To be fair, I too have experienced frustration over the past few days due to some bugs and errors when trying to enter a game and with some champions. This is my message to everyone trying to start a riot or trying to convince others to do something as a comunity to change this. If you are so mad about everything, stop playing the game and when Riot eventually get their shit togehter, come back to the game. This is the coward solution imo. You just leave the game and expect everything to be fixed once you come back. Ok, now that all the comment people have left, let me share with you what I would do (and what I do). Help Riot to know which bugs exist and explain (in a calm way and without insults) what the problems you are experiencing are. Comment on bug threads, both on Reddit and on the Boards. For example, I recently played some Azir and just now I noticed a bug with his passive: the turret's base damage doesn't count against minions, only the extra AD given to the turret through Azir's AP dealt damage to minions. Immediately after that game, I went to the boards to see if there were any threads regarding the topic. I saw the bug megathread and checked if it was there to notify OP of the problem I had encountered. I saw that OP had the bug listed but they didn't know if it had been fixed already. I simply made a comment and used the "Report A Bug" feature from the client. If everything is so terrible, you can either rage or try to improve things. I prefer trying to improve things, but I understand that it's easier for people to rage, it's less time-consuming and probably more rewarding most of the time. If there is a final note I want to hit on, try to help instead of trying to join the stupid "Cancel Culture". Have a good day on The Rift or wherever you go. TL,DR: Don't complain, try to fix EDIT: Inb4 this gets overrun with downvotes
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