[7.14] Status Applet (Logitech Keyboards) display issue

17-10-2018 : Bug no longer noticed, present Patch 8.20 / LGS 9.00.42 Since the 7.14 patch hit, the text of the status screen on the G15 (blue/orange) is distorted. This problem has been tested, and occurs, with the current Logitech Gaming Software(8.91.48 x64) and previous (8.89.68 x64) • Reproduction steps: Plug in a Logitech G15 (blue/orange) keyboard and the text will be distorted. • Expected result: Clear and readable text. http://i.imgur.com/Uwmxa1U.jpg • Observed result: Logitech Gaming Software (Emulated Monochrome G15 LCD) : http://puu.sh/uq68U/f7e951232c.png G15 Orange : http://puu.sh/uq5su/8194a40118.jpg G15 Blue : http://puu.sh/uq62e/0f9d36ed00.jpg • Reproduction rate: 10/10 persistent bug (tested with two different LGS versions)
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