Neeko healthbar bug

(sorry for my grammar mistakes) Riot, can you please fix the bug of Neeko´s healthbar? I encountered this bug two times. The first one was when i played Pyke at bot lane and the enemy supp was Neeko. The bug was that the enemy Neeko´s health and manabar were always full. It didnt matter whether we killed or damaged her. The bug was there for the entire game. We couldnt see which level she was either. The second time was in my last game, which is the reason i am writing this. The enemy Neeko´s healthbar was almost always red (meaning that i can execute her with my ult as Pyke) so i ulted to her and she didnt die, which happened two times until i relized that she was bugged. Luckily, i won both of the games but i am still very angry about this situation. Riot, pls fix this.
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