Zilean's "Q" stopps enemy Recall normally, but not Baron Recall

Bug I realized, confirmed. When enemy Backs, my Zilean {{champion:26}} (me) would stop someone's recall by "Q" at the right moment (Even if it does not do dmg untill 3s). ... But I realized when enemy has Baron, he has immunity to me stopping the recall with a "Q" of Zil. Im pretty much its not intended one of them. Normally I'd stop BOTH recalls, or NONE of them, but its weird that one yes, and the other not. Im Otp Zilean and im sure about this issue. **Edit: **And it might seem like a "minor/unimportant" issue, but anyone who played League a bit in his life... ... Knows that stopping someone from Backing or not, can sometimes be the difference between Win and Loss (Ally backdooring for instance, etc). I reported this in the Spanish Forum, but way more likely to get "attention" here. Thx.
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