Game breaking malzahar bug

So basically, malzahar ulted me, i started lagging and i died. After i respawned i couldnt use any spells,i couldnt recall, ward,flash, use any ability. This fucking pissed me off couse it lasted for 10 minutes, imagine u are in fight just aa someone with diana, with that we also had lee that fucking fed everyone in enemy team that i was impossible to play. Imagine this, you are in promo, you have troll with 0/3 in 2 minutes and u can only AA against someone. Yes, sounds terrible, story of my life. I have some pictures if u want proof i can post it here everything went grey. My ad was 25, AP 0, armor and magic resist 0. WTF. Just lost another game in my promo, couse of your potato coding and a kid that thinks it is funny to waste 35 mins of someones life.
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