Patch 8.14 ARAM edition + Some Quality of Life update suggestions

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Hello! As you might have heard from forums all around, ARAM is experiencing huge bugs after patch 8.14 went live. The snowball interaction of dashing, animation-vise, goes backwards. (This is the best video edition i could find: It is happening with almost all point and click dashes (e.g., Quinn E, Wukong E, Talon Q etc.). Is there any hope it gets patched up? About quality of life changes. It is regarding ARAM and Oracle lens. In an interview by WIRED (on youtube), Greg Street answered some questions about League of Legends. There were 2 questions, that personally did stick out for me. The first question was "What makes you decide on buff/nerfs on an item and or champion?" ( The part of the answer he provided was "Frustration, If it's really frustrating playing against a certain champion, even if their winrate is fair, then that's still the kind of thing we might change" In another interview by WIRED, he got asked "I see there are some quality of life changes coming to ARAM but why is oracle extract still a thing? it just ruins any trap/invis/stealth champs. Im down for sweeper being in aram because it has a cooldown, but 300g to ruin a champs kit is no fun" ( The answer he provided was "ARAM wasn't designed to have champs with ton of invisibility around, all the time. I think aside from Shaco and Teemo it shouldn't affect too many champions all that much". Well I have a suggestion. As he stated before, it was because aram wasn't a thing for invisible champions. Well, as we all know, The Stealth mechanic is now divided in 2 parts: Invisibility and Camouflage. After this change, is it really okay to have this item in a map? For example, playing Shaco in ARAM now comes down to these things. His Q is now just a jump, with no ability to sneak around with it or get out with CC on shaco. W is non-existent ability, because it is seen by people with oracle, making the enemy team clear them before it fears them. E is a good poking ability. And R is just a 1 time dodge. You can't send the clone, as it will be killed instantly (Because of 50% more damage taken thing) and you cant launch it when you are in stealth next to them, because they will see you with their oracles. So basically, if a player gets shaco, the enemy team disables 3 of his abilities by just purchasing an oracle - a 300 gold item - once every 5 minutes (which doesn't expire on death). Well those are just my thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you, -LedLeo

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