Riot, please remove my ranking.

Hello Riot. I know that even though you're not exactly a small indie developer, you fear the thought of investing money into this game. Well, I suffered from that decision today, when I played my first ranked game. At the beginning of the game the game crashed due to some "critical system error" (something a lot of streamers have suffered from too, as seen on [synapse]( ). Obviously I was very behind and even though I got back into the game at some point (I was Jax so the late game was my time to shine), my team was getting busy throwing the massive lead they had away and we ended up losing. I know that I will always have to carry my teams and I failed this time, but I still think the loss was unjustified since it wasnt my fault, but yours. Please remove my rank and let me play a "fair" placement game. Thank you
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