League of legend always crashes

Server: EUW Type of Bug: In-game, in the login screen It's been a while i haven't played league ( around patch 9.16 or 17 ). I wanted to play a game with my friend then my game crashes in the login screen very early. I didn't have any issues with league of legends before but my game now crashes 100% of the time. I tried to uninstall and install again LoL but it continues to occur. I tried to create a memory dump but i don't know where it's located. Here is one of the game logs: 00000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2019-10-19T17:32:29.953 000000.024| ALWAYS| CFG| Crashpad Disabled 000000.039| ALWAYS| CFG| Command Line: " 5103 KaoegWlDDxNuN/97dyGhWg== 33494642" "-PlayerID=33494642" "-GameID=4235234267" "-Region=EUW" "-Locale=en_GB" "-SkipRads" "-SkipBuild" "-EnableLNP" "-UseNewX3D=1" "-UseNewX3DFramebuffers=1" "-RiotClientPort=52237" "-RiotClientAuthToken=0r_pQo-JJV-57L84rGossA" 000000.054| ALWAYS| Command line: 5103 KaoegWlDDxNuN/97dyGhWg== 33494642 -PlayerID=33494642 -GameID=4235234267 -Region=EUW -Locale=en_GB -SkipRads -SkipBuild -EnableLNP -UseNewX3D=1 -UseNewX3DFramebuffers=1 -RiotClientPort=52237 -RiotClientAuthToken=0r_pQo-JJV-57L84rGossA 000000.054| ALWAYS| Parent process: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LeagueClient.exe 000000.132| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Bootstrap.wad.client 000000.390| ALWAYS| GameStartData::GameID=4235234267 000000.412| ALWAYS| Build Version: Version (Oct 04 2019/13:46:29) [PUBLIC] <__MAIN__> ChangeList: 2920351 000000.560| ALWAYS| LCURemotingClient: Initializing on port 52237 000000.628| ALWAYS| LCURemotingClient: Connected to app process. 000000.649| ALWAYS| InitRenderer() enter 000000.653| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::Init(0x00050C00) enter 000000.653| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::Init() exit successfully 000000.678| ALWAYS| OptionsManager::ApplyAutoPerformanceSettings() 000000.688| ALWAYS| rr3dRenderLayer::InitDevice(XRes = 1920, YRes = 1080, BPP = 32) enter 000000.688| ALWAYS| rr3dRenderLayer::InitDevice: Creating X3D device 000000.735| ALWAYS| Detected Adapter 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660' 000001.033| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::RecreateOwnedResources 000001.035| ALWAYS| r3dRenderLayer::InitResources exit successfully 000001.137| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Global.wad.client 000001.142| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Scripts.wad.client 000001.143| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/UI/ui.wad.client 000001.143| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Shaders/Shaders.wad.client 000001.152| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/DATA.wad.client 000001.159| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Localized/Global.en_GB.wad.client 000001.160| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/UI/UI.en_GB.wad.client 000001.161| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/ShaderCache.dx9.wad.client 000001.279| ALWAYS| CONN| Connecting to address ( port (5103) 000001.292| ALWAYS| CONN| Waiting for response from game server... 000001.295| ALWAYS| Live Profiling enabled. Will overwrite old RPD. 000001.745| ALWAYS| Waiting for client ID 000002.303| ALWAYS| CONN| ALE-19B55FCA 000002.305| ALWAYS| CONN| {"messageType":"riot__game_client__connection_info","message_body":"Hard Connect"} 000002.404| ALWAYS| ROST| CONNECTION READY | TeamOrder 0) theo974 **LOCAL** - Champion(Malphite) SkinID(0) TeamBuilderRole() PUUID(dd1b9e89-77b1-5928-a664-53bccc5f41dc) ConnectionState(Connected) 000002.405| ALWAYS| Server Connection Established. 000002.405| ALWAYS| Set focus to app 000002.409| ALWAYS| Waiting for server response... 000002.635| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Maps/Shipping/Common.wad.client 000002.636| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Maps/Shipping/Common.en_US.wad.client 000002.639| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Maps/Shipping/Map11.wad.client 000002.640| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Maps/Shipping/Map11.en_US.wad.client 000002.641| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Maps/Shipping/Map11LEVELS.wad.client 000002.919| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Champions/Malphite.wad.client 000002.920| ALWAYS| WadFile mount: DATA/FINAL/Champions/Malphite.en_US.wad.client 000002.976| ALWAYS| CFG| OS Version: 10 Professional, x64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3422Mhz (4 cores) Instruction Set Level 7Physical memory: 8589934592Display info: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 4293918720 Driver: 000002.976| ALWAYS| PlayGame Started 000002.988| ALWAYS| LCUChatClientAsync: Worker thread created. 000002.989| ALWAYS| LCURemotingClient: Initializing on port 52237 000002.989| ALWAYS| LCUChatClientAsync: Worker thread connecting. 000002.989| ALWAYS| CreateAudioManager: Create audio manager Wwise. 0
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