i don't think the rating system is fair toward junglers

So basicly i think that the rating system is way to hard on the jungler and require them to farm at pace in which if they farmed more they would be shitting on there team mates and kills seams to have way to big and impact and low deaths way to low and assists just have no impact. And this is where i think it is not fair to the jungler since every good jungler knows that an 10/0/0 jungler = a really bad jungler, but a 5/0/5 = a really good one and i feel like riot is not really to fair towards this. so to back my claims up i will give an example of one of my games as jungle where the score ended up being A+ bcs i gave kills to team mates even though my kp was 80% and 100% through out the first 10 min of the game. http://imgur.com/YCVqZJs http://imgur.com/VHWxfjY this shows that i clearly did more than what even would be expected for and S-, and it is not only me, and it is not the only time i hope riot picks up on this, and do something about especialy with the now ranks for champs.
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