Amumu q reworked ? nah

amumu q reworked ?
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So, as someone whoe has played amumu a lot in the past and had to drop him because to many champions have dashes etc now and your q didn't follow them over walls or you would land where they left off (like a tristana jump) and not land where they end during the tether. I was thrilled about the new rework and patches that were incoming to make him more "viable" again. Low and behold 20 games in i'm able to provide this beauty to you. For the ppl saying ye but vi ult knocks ppl away, the thether can't be removed so it should land me where she ends with her ult regardless OR AT LEAST on the other side of that wall , if VI can kncok me back being inside a wall at least give us that (if you would believe the patch notes).
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