Exit while in loading screen (happens mostly in RANKED)

Title: [Current Patch] - Exit while in loading screen (happens mostly in RANKED) Server: EUW. Match Details: Replay/GameID - some way for us to find the game! Type of Bug: Client. Details: When running Discord alongside with LOL (Don't know if Discord is the reason, but I just list it here) sometimes the game will automatically exit while in loading screen, ask player to create a dump file (which it couldn't create it even when I press YES). After that it automatically tries to fix the client and I can't do a thing. After a while (after my team remake, I premade with my friend), it throws me to loading screen and back in game, but the match is over so it throws me out (You were kicked from party) and I had -20 elos. Fix this ASAP plz, this is annoying af. I now in elo hell because of this https://imgur.com/N1O67IA https://imgur.com/5SKFV25

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