Won ranked in provisionals, counted as loss

I have won a ranked and it counted as a loss.Why? I was disconnected from minute 13 to 17.4 minutes.Game lasted 36.I played my part in winning that game. 4 minutes afk out of 36(and forced afk because my client crashed) and the win counts as a loss. How is that fair? This system encourages players who get a client crash to NOT return to the game.If it's going to be a loss for me anyway, why should I waste 20-30 more minutes to help my team get a win?There's no point in doing that. Is there any way I could get my lp from that game?I honestly don't think it was fair.No one reported me for it, in fact after the game when I saw what happened everyone blamed riot system in the chat.I understand a long afk behavior would be bad for my team, but if you get carried with 0/10/0 you get the win but not when you are forced to afk for 4 minutes?Seriously, this is dumb.Small indie company.
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