Bugsplat not responding

This has been happening a lot lately, I don't know if I'm the only one, but it's very annoying. I'm playing League as usual, nothing strange is happening and then, BOOM, i'm out of the game and bugsplat starts loading. Bugsplat however is "not responding", normally I close it while it's still loading, because if I let it open normally it freezes my entire computer and it will take even longer for me to get back into the game (Bugsplat never actually opens, my computer just gets extremely slow, almost frozen and eventually i succeed in force quitting it and everythin turns back to normal). When this happens it's not uncommon for the game to be already over by the time I get back. It's extremely frustrating and i've been in multiple lower priority queues over this problem, which I have no control over whatsoever. Please fix this. (I'm on a mac by the way)

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