Loot Bugs , Mission Bugs

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Hello guys! So , i've been a little pissed of with LoL buggs .. Some of my rewards from the missions or from anything else have gone, i've checked my Loot and there's nothing on it, i re-connect my LoL and still gone. Already reported that for about 4 times , still have no feedback from LoL from the buggs i've reported and i still have that problem. Now about Missions buggs! So , there's 2/3 missions that are bugged for me! I saw that some player already reported 1 of the missions but we have to still reporting or nothing happens! 1st mission ''Fight for your house'' - Already did that mission 4 times and still showing that i haven't done it yet. 2nd mission ''Silver Mission'' - Well , that mission keeps bugging because of the 1st mission, i have 6 missions already done , and after doing 4 times the ''fight for your house'' mission i was 10/12 and now it's all gone , got reseted to 6/12 , again. 3rd mission ''Gold Mission'' - Like the Silver mission because of the 1st mission, i had 10/20 missions done and now reseted to 6/20. Thoose bugs have no specific steps to reproduce. I play the game , it's shows that i completed the missions and then after few minutes all gone and reseted. It's kinda annoying trying to complete all those missions to get some rewards and since my Loot is bugged all the time also missions get bugged too .. Please , fix this as soon as possible..
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